Chair Massage

I do chair massage regularly at Southwest Cyberport and Sandia National Laboratories (both on base and at IPOC), and I am happy to do so for other businesses and groups.  The most common arrangement for regularly scheduled chair massage is that the client pays me directly, usually $20 for 20 minutes.  However, organizations within the labs and outside companies do contract with me directly to provide chair massage to their employees as a performance bonus or holiday amenity, and the length of the session can be changed to accommodate the group’s  needs.  I do request the at least one hour of chair massage be scheduled to make the travel worth my while.  Depending on the number of people to be massaged and the desired schedule, I can do the work myself or bring more therapists with me.  I also work at sporting events, health fairs, etc.

I am frequently amazed by how much benefit my clients get from a 20 minute chair massage session.  The chair makes working the shoulders and back easy while the client remains clothed in a comfortable sitting position.  Since pain in the back and shoulders is the most common stress-related complaint, I can provide significant relief to stressed-out office workers in a short amount of time in a very convenient location.  I am convinced that chair massage increases worker productivity and lowers Workers’ Compensation costs.  I’d love to have some help proving it!

I do not do chair massage at my office.  My disabled-accessible, electric lift table allows me to do more varied work on all areas of the body.  You may certainly receive  bodywork while clothed, if you prefer, because I have a wide variety of techniques to choose from.  Most are done without using oil or lubricants.


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