"Paldon gives the best massage!"
Don has the best hands! — Fran LaMantia
This is the place to leave comments about your experience of my work. Please leave reviews on Google maps, Yelp, Dex, and other sites to help people find me more easily. Here are a few from my Facebook group and elsewhere:
Mel Candelaria: I wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank you for your help over the last few months during which I suffered greatly from my auto accident. For a year and a half I was in constant pain, as you know, and the chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and spine doctors weren’t able to help me. I won’t even begin to wonder how it was that you were able to help me, just suffice to say that I am 99% healed from my sustained injuries.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again!!
Tim Gillespie (from Thumbtack): I have worked with Don Schiff for ten years. I have found him to be one of the best massage therapists I have ever known. He continues to study and learn more about the human body and how to keep it working smoothly. He has done more to relieve pain in my legs than pain medication will do.
Marni Braker: Don is the best, does more than most doctors to help get rid of and keep my migraines away. I recently hurt my back as well and he’s the reason I can dance again. 🙂
Nancy Matthews: It’s a miracle! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  When I left Thursday my feet didn’t feel much better than when I came, but by Friday morning, after a slow start, they just got better and better. By Saturday I was up and freely moving again.
Lyla Madeiros: Thank you for seeing another one of the dancers on such short notice. V is very happy now she can lift her leg without pain for the first time in several years and J is doing much better. What you do is really special and very much appreciated.
Laura Lee: OMG! Best thing EVER! I have not been so relaxed in years. I am so grateful and happy for the experience. Looking forward to a repeat when I can get the time together.
Annie Tabatowski-Bush (from Thumbtack):  I have had the pleasure of knowing Donald Schiff for the past 14 years. I have enjoyed recieving massages from Don, and he has been able to address issues that no other massage therapist was able to get at. In particular, pain in my neck. I believe in Don’s impeccable work so much that I have referred other massage therapists to him to get their work done and they have reported that they have enjoyed getting their body work done with him. I have no hesitation to recommend Don as a wonderful massage therapist.
Robin Miller:  Don Schiff has been working on me for years, since I had a car wreck that messed up my neck (and since then on many other injuries). Don has so many different techniques to work with, as he has been a clinical massage therapist for about 30 years and is always going to continuing education courses to learn more. He has helped me to remain functional and painfree no matter what I’ve done to myself! He is always professional and respectful, and very flexible with scheduling, – just a wonderful person to deal with.
Dale McElroy (from Thumbtack):  For seven good years, I was the the fortunate beneficiary of Don Schiff’s healing hands, his kind consideration and friendship. Every three weeks, I could depend on Don’s thorough knowledge in reading my body’s stress points and alleviating them through deep tissue work. In moving to another city, I was never able to find the quality of work Don had offered me, but surely hope others will benefit from my experience by requesting his services soon and often.
Nicole Chilson (from Yelp): Don saw me at the last minute because he understood that I was in pain and needed relief.  He gave me a thorough exam of what moved, how much, and where the pain resided.  He did a lot of trigger point work that gave me a lot of relief!  This is not your typical massage therapist, there is no fluff.  Even better, since it was a result of a car accident, he files for payment with the insurance company.  When I arrived I couldn’t lift my leg to get in and out of the car, the next day I was able to go for a jog!
Melanie Rose (from Customer Lobby): Stellar! Don gives the best massages that I’ve ever had! He is intuitive, strong, attentive, and thorough. It’s very clear that he cares about his work and takes pride in his practice. He continually checks in with me about the pressure and it ends up offering me exactly the kind of relief I need. His intuition is spot-on. I’d absolutely recommend him.
Sandy Bryan (from Customer Lobby): Outstanding! I’ve already recommended Stonecircle Massage to a few of my friends. I’ve been using Donald for massage treatment on and off for years and I find him to be extremely knowledgeable. He does extraordinary work with in deep tissue massage and has certified credentials to be practicing. He has helped me significantly with a lot of muscle tension that I was having and he is just great at his job. He is precise, personable, and accommodating.
Ron Manginell (from Customer Lobby): Professional Massage. I was very pleased by the therapy received at Stonecircle Massage and have become a regular patient. The advantage to Stonecircle Massage is that Don has a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology, coupled with a highly-tuned sensitivity to patient needs. I would highly recommend Stonecircle Massage to those serious about overall wellness and treatment for specific conditions.
Pat Mathews (from Customer Lobby): Professional, thorough, and experienced. Stonecircle Massage is the best! I’ve already recommended Donald to a few of my friends. He has a lot of experience and is very intuitive with zeroing in on areas that need the most help. He takes the time to work through every ache and tension. I feel noticeably better within minutes of every massage. I’ve been going to Stonecircle for the past year or so and have no complaints whatsoever.
Nancy Matthews (from Customer Lobby): Couldn’t be happier. I love Stonecircle Massage. My husband and I have been going to them for many years and they really take care of our needs. They keep us moving and functioning and we really appreciate their expertise. Donald has truly kept me away from physical therapists and has zeroed in on many problems that we’ve efficiently worked on to help me feel tremendously better. He is experienced, professional, and just easy to talk to. The prices are absolutely in line with the quality of the work and we’ve already recommended them to many of our friends.
Marlene A. (from Customer Lobby): Exceptional Masseur! I have plantar fasciitis in both feet (NO I don’t have heel spurs)…..I have been to see Don and had hour (sometimes longer) massages on my feet and lower legs. He is excellent at what he does and it has helped tremendously. Don has over 30 years of knowledge and experience and is well worth every cent.
Sasha Pellerin (from Customer Lobby): I love Stonecircle Massage! I was in a car accident and had been to various providers with no avail. After my first massage at Stonecircle I could feel the difference. Support local business and take advantage of the unique setting and individualized treatment.